2. Methods

Stage 1: Brainstorming for ideas. 
Points of consideration include:

1. Scale of project based on available budget

2. Complexity of product and ease of prototype fabrication

3. Relevancy to societal needs (ie. Market demand)

4. New idea / improvement to existing systems/devices

Stage 2: Determine project title and conceptualise design

Stage 3: Budget planning, purchase of materials

Stage 4: Fabrication of prototype door

Stage 5: Improvement of door stability

Stage 6: Decoding to power up whole system

Stage 7: Assembly of the Annikken Andees and Arduinos. Set up of the circuit

wiring with the relay connected directly to the Arduinos for signal input, and the

output to the door lock.

Stage 8: App creation and testing

Stage 9: Trial run and stress test

Stage 10: Reporting and Presentation materials preparation

A: Equipment list


2 Arduino UNO

5 (meters) Multi / Single Corded Wires

1 Door prototype

4 AC / DC Adaptor

1 Electro Magnetic Door Lock

1 2 Channel Relay

Software development:

1 Annikken Andee for iOS

1 Annikken Andee for Android


Quantity Tool

1 5mm Drill Bit

1 Electric Drill

1 Bar Sander

1 pc Sanding Paper

1 unit Screwdriver Set

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