7. Acknowledgements

We give our thanks for the following people whom have helped us in this project, for without them, we would have already launched rockets into orbit and the project would go world-wide.
  1. Mr Tan Hoe Teck, the overall teacher-in-charge of this project, who helped us in the initial designing of this project.
  2. Mr Teng for his constant encouragemet to spur us to do this project when he saw that we were lagging behind others by a little
  3. The school lab techs for lending us the labs after school hours and the appropriate equipments when we were in need
  4. The workers at XPC whom willingly stayed back after working hours to help us get the door and its supports done using our blueprints
  5. Google; the trusty search engine which we found inspirations for the project on
  6. And finally YOU. Thank you for taking your time off to read this blog. We hope to see you soon~

So basically here's where we thank ourselves.
Project head/ group leader: Yong Yun Jing
Group resaerch proposal and report done by: Rhys Toh and Yun Jing
Video done by: Marcus Ang
Research Report done by: Rhys Toh, and Yong Yun Jing
Poster done by: Marcus Ang
Blog updated by: Rhys Toh and Yong Yun Jing

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