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1. Introduction to project

Part A- A question or problem being addressed:
Most people have at some point in their lives, lost their set of house keys. And when that happens, their homes become unsafe and vulnerable to break-ins. Their lost keys could probably lay along some distant roadway or in a far-away parking lot. Or worse, it may have landed in some criminal's hands.
A man could easily drop his key set while digging into his pocket or jacket for his hand phone or wallet. A mother could misplace her keys at the cashier while rummaging through her shopping bag. Frail elderly could lose theirs to pickpockets.
In contrast to earlier decades when neighbours used to leave their house doors wide open and everyone helped to look after one another’s homes, most families are now dual-income with both husband and wife working, leaving their young children either under the care of elderly grandparents or domestic helpers.
Crowded places are also a common venue to lose such important belongings to criminals who quietly and effortlessly removes them from un-attended shopping trolleys and bags. If the lost keys land in the hands of criminals, they may follow the owner home or write their vehicle license number down so they can later find out where they live.
With advance in technology, more and more people are multi-tasking on smart phones while going about their daily routine. From setting a wake-up alarm, reminder for a business appointment, reading e-news, e-mails and messages to entertainment and online shopping, practically every chore is linked to their mobile gadget.

The objective of this project is to develop a magnetic door lock system that operates on signals sent to the door lock through a Bluetooth-signal relay (transmitter/receiver). A new app is also to be developed. Mobile devices running on latest versions of Android and iOS have the ability to control the door lock through the new app. With this new keyless door mechanism, we can heave a sigh of relief to lugging heavy bunches of keys and lower crime rates in housebreaking and thefts.

1. Introduction to project
Part A:
Project Type:
Improve a product or process: Industrial and applied research To design a door lock which is able to be unlocked by the phone.

We want to design a door which can be unlocked by a phone since people tend to lose their keys occasionally. This will help those people and it will provide a better security system, since an electronic door lock is harder to break through using conventional methods still used by burglars nowadays. There will be a specially designed app which will unlock the door when a button is pressed. The door will also lock itself when the door is closed, to ensure extra safety. Range of which the app is efficient will be 2m and would take a maximum of 2 seconds for the door to fully unlock. This door can also be unlocked by both an iPhone or an Android device.

Specify requirements:

The door must be able to:
  1. Be unlocked by an iPhone or an Android device
  2. Continue to function for a few hours in the event of a power cut
  3. Fully lock within 1-2 seconds at most
  4. Automatically locks itself within 7-10 seconds if door is left idling by owner
  5. Compact enough to be able to be mounted onto any doorframe
  6. Passcode included (can be changed anytime)

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